My life

I was born in 1961 in Bemigji, Minn. Not long after my family moved to Wyoming. I and ..7 brothers and sisters were all living in a house in Veteran.  My first memory was graduating kindergarten. Living with everyone in a house across from the school. I loved my family. Looking back we had our challenges. Anyone who lives with a lot of siblings knows not everyone seems like they are loved. I know my mom tried to be the strongest and seemed the happiest around the house. Unknown to me was the hardships surrendered to the task of raising her children. I loved school and the fact that we were poor didn’t detour me from being a happy child. Their were times we we’re embarrassed. When we had lunch and had reduced lunch price tickets. I realized early on you forego lunch as to not show the other kids how poor we were. 

It’s not what or where you may come from but where you end up! 

As soon as I got to high school I knew I needed to think about getting out of this small town and away from here. I stated cosmetology school at 16! Iwas told at the time it would  Be something to fall back on. That returned into a lifetime career. I became a successful cosmetology instructor at 43. I am now at

52 and Director of the same cosmetology school. 

My story may not seem all that interesting to you right now. How do foregone conclusions shield oneself  from the truth. How do you define success? 

To be continued….





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